Young Performers' Theatre (YPT)

Performances: Saturdays at 2:00pm; and closing weekend Friday 7:00pm, Saturday 2:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm. School matinees also available.

We invite you to see our talented youth perform!

The Davis Musical Theatre Company's Young Performers' Theatre (YPT) is an all-volunteer organization. Actors ages 7 through 17 may participate - 18-year-old high school students are also encouraged to participate. No experience is required, but selection is by audition.

2016 - 2017 Season - Upcoming Shows

Jack and the Beanstalk - March 4 through March 26, 2017

School Matinees: March 9, 2017; 9:15am and noon

Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum. We smell another wonderful fairytale brought to life! Jack And The Beanstalk is a splendid spin on the classic tale. Needing money to pay the yearly taxes, Jack's mother instructs him to sell their cow. True to form, Jack winds up with a bag full of magic beans in exchange for the cow. The next morning, after planting them, Jack awakens to find a giant beanstalk, at the top of which lives one very scientifically minded Giant who has invented a plucky Golden Harp and a tap-dancing Golden Goose. Wackiness ensues as Jack tries to escape the magical kingdom!

Recommended for the whole family

Directed by Jan Isaacson
Choreographed by Jan Isaacson
Musical direction by Steve Isaacson

Auditions: Jan 16, 2017 & Jan 17, 2017

James and the Giant Peach - April 29 through May 21, 2017

School Matinees: May 11, 2017; 9:15am and noon

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that results in a tremendous peach... and launches a journey of enormous proportions. Suddenly, James finds himself in the center of the gigantic peach – among human-sized insects with equally oversized personalities – but, after it falls from the tree and rolls into the ocean, the group faces hunger, sharks and plenty of disagreements. Thanks to James' quick wit and creative thinking, the residents learn to live and work together as a family. The dangerous voyage is a success, but the adventure takes a whole new twist once they land on the Empire State Building.

Recommended for the whole family

Directed by Scott Daugherty

Auditions: Mar 6, 2017 & Mar 7, 2017