About Auditions Young Performers' Theatre

Contact Info:

Please direct any questions to ypt@dmtc.org

Age requirements:

Actors ages 7 through 17 (as of the first performance) may participate. 18-year-olds currently enrolled in high school may also participate. No experience is required, but selection is by audition. Actors are cast based on their ability and suitability for the parts.


Auditions usually occur 6-8 weeks before a show is to open, and are on two consecutive weeknights, usually Monday and Tuesday between 4:30 – 7:00 pm. Actors should come at the beginning of the audition and expect to remain for the duration. Actors only need to come to one day of auditions. Auditions require singing, acting and dancing, at the director's discretion. Auditions are held at The Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center, 607 Pena Drive, Davis.

Audition forms require parental signature before an actor can be cast in a show. YPT shows involve parental participation in a variety of forms, including volunteering hours (25 hours per child in the show), providing costumes as per costumer instructions, and making sure that their child is at all rehearsals on time and prepared. Cast size is limited to 38.


Some actors auditioning will be asked to return for a "callback," that is, a second look. The called back actors may be asked to sing a song from the show and to do more extensive readings than in the "regular" audition phase. Callbacks are on the third night, usually Wednesday, from 4:00 – 7:00.

Cast List:

Please remember that an actor may still be cast even if not called back, and an actor may be called back but still not cast. For example, an actor who only wants to play the lead role will not be cast if the director decides that someone else is more suitable for that role. On the other hand, the director may still cast an actor whom she did not call back. The cast list will typically be e-mailed out to all auditioners or posted by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday following auditions.

Ensemble: Yes or No?

When you fill out an audition form for any DMTC show you will come across the question, "Will you accept ensemble? Yes or No"

Please do not say "yes" unless you truly intend to accept an ensemble role in the production. While we understand that just about everyone wants the lead role, the ensemble is in integral part of every production and participating in the ensemble gives every actor valuable experience. Also, there are some productions where you may not be particularly suited for the lead role.

If you really feel that you will be too unhappy to perform in the ensemble if someone else gets the part you want, please, just say "No" to the ensemble question before you audition. While you will be given equal consideration for the roles you are interested in playing, please remember that you have a far better chance of getting cast if you are willing to accept any role or ensemble part offered to you as opposed to only wanting particular roles. The fewer roles you indicate you will accept, the fewer the director's options for casting you.

If you pull out of a show due to not being happy with how you were cast, it could impact casting in the next DMTC production you participate in.

Time commitment:

Participating in a production is a big time commitment. Be sure you are prepared to commit to all rehearsals and mandatory dates before you audition. Please be aware that we discourage actors from being cast in both the DMTC Main Stage and YPT shows at the same time. Special permission from both directors must be obtained before a young performer can participate in both productions.

No conflicts are allowed during Tech Week or for any of the performances. Please check the calendar provided at auditions for the dates of Tech Week and of the performances. If you have any conflicts during Tech Week or performance dates, we ask that you not audition, but wait for a more convenient show. If you miss a Tech Week rehearsal or a performance, it could impact casting in the next DMTC production you participate in.

For the parent of cast members, there is also a time commitment. As DMTC is an all volunteer organization, we rely upon parents to provide the much needed support to make each production a success. Each parent is required to work 25 volunteer hours per child, attend meetings, ensure that their child arrives to rehearsal prepared, meet with the costume coordinator, and provide costuming. This is a commitment each parent must make in supporting their child in the production. Please be sure you, as a parent, are also aware of the commitment to the production before your child auditions.

Theatre is a cooperative effort and every part of the team is essential!

With commitment from each of us, and respect for each other, it is a very rewarding experience.

Thank you for your interest in Davis Musical Theatre Company, Young Performers' Theater.