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A majority of rehearsals occur Monday through Thursday between 4:30pm and 6:30pm, although some rehearsal schedules start as early as 3:30pm or go later until 8:00pm. Deviations are usually announced at auditions. Rehearsals last from 6 to 7 weeks (from the week after auditions until opening) and the number of times each actor comes depends on casting, with larger roles or multiple ensemble numbers requiring more rehearsals. Usually an actor comes a couple times a week for a couple hours the first few weeks as singing, dancing, and blocking for individual scenes are done. Then it builds up to three to four times a week for the final two weeks when the actors are combining these parts into scenes and acts.

Performers are expected to be at every rehearsal on time, ready to sing, act, dance, etc. unless a conflict has previously been cleared with the director.

Performers are expected to rehearse music, memorize lines, and practice dance moves on the specified schedule for the show. This does require time outside of the theater (like homework).

Tech Week

Tech Week is the last week of rehearsals when the light, stage, and sound crews are added to the production, along with set changes, props, costumes, and eventually hair and makeup. Think of it as a week of dress rehearsals. Tech Week rehearsals generally start at 4:00pm and end at 8:00pm, however, depending on the production may start as early as 3:30pm and may go as late as 9:00pm.

Performers will need to eat at the theatre during the designated dinner break. Performers are responsible for keeping the theater clean, including cleaning up after meals during Tech Week. More details will be provided for each show.

Schedule Conflicts

At auditions, actors are asked to list all conflicts with rehearsal times as well as whether they are willing to miss some of these stated conflicts to fit into the rehearsal schedule. Often, the show is cast and rehearsal schedules are made with conflicts in mind, so it is important to be accurate when listing conflicts. If you do not list a conflict in advance, you are expected to be at the rehearsal.

No conflicts are allowed during Tech Week or for any of the performances. Please check the calendar provided at auditions for the dates of Tech Week and of the performances. If you have any conflicts during Tech Week or performance dates, we ask that you not audition, but wait for a more convenient show. If you miss a Tech Week rehearsal or a performance, it could impact casting in the next DMTC production you participate in.


All Performances are mandatory, and occur over 4 week period:


Immediately following the final production, the set must be taken apart and transported to storage and the theater must be cleaned. This is referred to as a "strike". Parent and cast participation in Strike is mandatory.


General Responsibilities

A parent must attend each of the mandatory meetings scheduled. A parent must provide volunteer hours to help produce the show. A parent must also help with the strike following the final performance. More information about each of the meetings, volunteer hours, and strike is detailed below.

As a parent, you also have the responsibility to ensure that your child is at all rehearsals on time and ready to go. Your child should plan to arrive 10 minutes early for each rehearsal and be ready to go at the designated rehearsal time. A water bottle, pencil and script should be brought to each rehearsal. Jazz or dance shoes should be worn for all dance rehearsals. Cast members should plan to bring a tape recorder (be sure to check that you have fresh batteries and a blank tape) when working with the musical director. As a parent it is your responsibility to be involved by encouraging your child to memorize lines, rehearse music, and review dances between rehearsals.

All communication for cast members is done via e-mail or Facebook. Parents must commit to checking their e-mail daily for any changes and updates regarding the production. An accurate e-mail address must be provided.

Discipline is not usually an issue, but please talk to your child about the need to sit quietly while they are not on stage. During the final two weeks, there may be significant "down time" when the children can do homework or read, but they must be ready to rehearse when needed. Electronic devices are not allowed.

Volunteer Hours

Each family is required to provide at least 25 hours of volunteer time in order to help produce the show. Volunteer hours include both pre-production hours and production hours. The preproduction hours include set, prop, costume assistance and theatre cleaning. Production hours include dressing room supervision, back stage monitoring, stage crew, house managing, and box office assistance. You must attend one or two tech week rehearsals if you are scheduled to work as part of the stage crew. After casting, you may indicate your parent work assignment preference, but assignments are made based on production needs. If you are physically unable to provide volunteer service, sponsorship applications are available at auditions.

Parent Meeting

The mandatory Parent Meeting is scheduled the first week of rehearsals, usually for 1 hour immediately after the first read-through of the script by the cast (the week immediately following auditions). At this meeting parents will fill out required paperwork for each performer, pay the participation fee, deposit, and order any extras such as t-shirts and DVDs. Parents will also indicate availability for the required volunteer hours, so please have your schedule handy.

Costume Meeting

A costume meeting is scheduled a few weeks into rehearsals. At least one parent from each family must attend. The costumer will go over the expected costuming needs for the show including any pieces each performer must supply (generally tights, jazz shoes, changing garmets, etc.), as well as any expected amke-up needs.

Pre-Show Meeting

All volunteers scheduled to work on stage crew, back stage monitor, or in one of the dressing rooms during the run of the show must attend a brief training meeting - generally scheduled just before tech week.


Immediately following the final production, the set must be taken apart and transported to storage and the theater must be cleaned. This is referred to as a "strike". Parent and cast participation in Strike is mandatory.

With commitment from each of us, and respect for each other, it is a very rewarding experience.

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