Frequently Asked Questions Young Performers' Theatre

Where are rehearsals and performances?

All rehearsals and performances are at our DMTC theater home, the Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center. It is located at 607 Pena Drive. The phone number is (530)756-3682, but the best way to contact the director during the production is using the phone numbers provided on the cast list. Rehearsals are, typically, Mondays-Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm (not everyone is called every day).

How will I receive information that I need for the production?

All communication is done via e-mail or FaceBook. Parents must commit to checking their e-mail daily for any changes and updates regarding the production.

How much does it cost for a performer to be in a production?

Each show has a $100 program fee and a $75 costume fee. Therefore the minimum cost for participation is $175 paid to the theater. Some roles do require some additional costs for specialized shoes or makeup, but we try to minimize those costs as much as possible. Performers are also expected to provide shoes and changing garments (this may or may not be a cost depending on if your performer already has them or not).

Payment is not collected at auditions. It is only collected after a performer is cast in the show.

Optionally each performer also can choose to purchase shirts ($15-35 depending on what is ordered), DVDs ($25) or Blu-Rays ($25) of the production, cast photos ($8 and up depending on order - typical is $20), and/or reduced price ticket vouchers ($50 per 10 pack). None of these additional purchases are required.

Families are also required to put in 25 volunteer hours, which is not a monetary cost, but is a time "cost".

How do I know when to work my volunteer hours?

A schedule of hours assigned during the run of the show will be made by the second week of rehearsals. The schedule, along with a Cast List will be given to each family. Assignments on the schedule are based upon the information provided on the Volunteer Preference form and the needs of the production. Strike is not included in the 25 volunteer hours.

Are cast photos taken?

Professional cast photos are generally taken before the one of the productions during the run of the show. Call will be an hour earlier that day, and the actors need to be in costume and make-up for these pictures. These pictures are available for purchase in packages, and order forms will be given out the week before. This is an optional purchase, but all cast members need to be present for the group cast photo.

What is Tech Week?

Tech week is the last week before the show opens. It is the time when the light, stage and sound crews are added to the production, as well as costumes, make-up, and props. All rehearsals this week are mandatory. If you have any conflicts during Tech Week or performance dates, we ask that you not audition, but wait for a more convenient show. If you miss a Tech Week rehearsal or a performance, it could impact casting in the next DMTC production you participate in.

What is Strike?

After the final show, everyone needs to participate in a mandatory strike. A strike is simply the time where we remove all of our production materials from the theater. Each child in the show must have one parent participate in the strike. We need everyone to help clean the theater and dressing rooms, strike the set and move the pieces into the storage area. After the strike is complete, the bio pictures will be available for you to take home so be sure you pick up your bio from the lobby before leaving the theater.

What are Bios?

Bios are biographies of the actors and are displayed in the lobby of the theater along with a photo for the audience to view. Bio pictures are amateur head-shots taken in street clothes about two weeks before the show opens. Each actor writes a bio in third person. Bios should be typed directly into an e-mail message body and/or a Word attachment and sent to the bio board coordinator. An e-mail will be sent to remind you to send the bio and who to send it to.

How do I purchase tickets for the show?

Each cast member will receive two complimentary tickets that can be used at any of the public performances. Cast members also receive two complimentary tickets to the current Main Stage Production. Additional tickets can be reserved on-line from the web site at or by calling the Ticket Reservations Line at 530-756-DMTC. The cost for tickets to the YPT Productions is $8.00 each, and Main Stage tickets are $16 - $18. You may also see the show free of charge by signing up to usher. Ushers must arrive 45 minutes before the show, take tickets and assist patrons with finding their seat, help to sell concessions during intermission, and pick up stray objects in the theater following the show. If you are interested in ushering, you may contact the usher coordinator.

How is this production supported?

The YPT Committee is a group of individuals committed to various volunteer jobs needed to successfully present a YPT show. Responsibilities include selecting the season shows, addressing any issues that may arise involving a YPT production, helping during auditions, coordinating school shows, advertising, designing and copying the program for each show, creating the bio board display, coordinating ushers, distributing T-shirts, and much more! A lot of background work goes into making each production successful! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any YPT committee member.

How is discipline handled?

Discipline is not usually an issue but please talk to your student about the need to sit quietly when they are not on stage. During the final week of rehearsal and tech week, there may be significant "down time" when cast members can do homework or read, but they must be ready to rehearse when needed. If there is a discipline issue we will handle it as follows.

  1. Talk to the cast member and inform the parent of the issue involving the child.
  2. If the problem continues, the parent will be called and will be required to attend rehearsals with the child.
  3. If the problem continues, the child will be removed from the cast.

Who do I contact for questions?

Young Performers' Theatre E-mail: