Underwrite A Show

Many people do not realize the expenses associated with each show produced at DMTC. Sets, lighting, costumes, props, music and other needs can cost $2,500 to $10,000 per production. Underwriting allows you to gain community-wide recognition for your support of DMTC, and your generous support helps defray the costs involved in producing high quality community theater.

Underwriting at DMTC provides benefits to the donors as well!

Set Designer Level Underwrite the set for a DMTC production - $500

Help support the amazing set design of your favorite show.

Costumer Level Underwrite the costumes for a DMTC production - $1000

Help support the fabulous costume creation of your favorite show.

Director Level Underwrite a Young Performers' Theater (YPT) production for $2,500

Producer Level Underwrite a Main Stage production for $5,000