Fundraising Events

BIG Day Of Giving Give Where Your Heart Is

Thursday, May 6, 2021 The BIG Day Of Giving is an annual fundraising event held for non-profit organizations in the greater Sacramento area. It gives donors a chance to show their community pride and support the nonprofits that are working hard to make our region great. There are also many donation matching opportunities and non-profit organizations have chances to win additional donation awards based on different criteria such as number of donations recieved and donation matching.

DMTC is proud to be a part of the BIG Day Of Giving and we hope you will support us. But at DMTC the BIG Day Of Giving is not just about us asking for money. At DMTC we also have a full day of events you can come participate in. In 2016, our BIG Day Of Giving celebration was Scottish themed to complement our two productions that were being performed at the time: Brigadoon and Shrek. We had a full day of games, events, performances by our actors, and food in our lobby - even a pie eating contest. Despite technical difficulties from the BIG Day Of Giving website, we still met our goal and raised over $30,000 - Thank You!

The BIG Day Of Giving is held on the first Thursday in May, so mark your calendars, and come join us. We appreciate your support!