What You Need To Know About DMTC Auditions

Who Can Audition?

Anyone! All roles are open. We do not pre-cast.

When Are Auditions?

Auditions usually occur 6-8 weeks before a show is to open, and are generally on two consecutive nights. For Main Stage shows, auditions are generally Sunday and Monday starting at 7:30pm (you do not need to come both days), followed by callbacks on Tuesday night. For Young Performers' Theatre (YPT) shows, auditions are generally Monday and Tuesday from 4:30pm-6:30pm (you do not need to come both days), followed by callbacks on Wednesday. Please note that this is the "usual" schedule, but auditions for a given show may vary. Please refer to the audition dates and times listed above for the specific show you are auditioning for.

Where Are Auditions?

Auditions are held at The Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center, 607 Pena Drive. Please see Contact Info for detailed directions and a map.

What Do I Need In Order To Audition?

Please bring sheet music for a song you have already learned.

You do not have to sing an entire song. We only want to get an idea of how well you can carry a tune and follow accompaniment. Sixteen to 32 measures should be sufficient. If you are "called back" for a principal role on callback night, we will ask you to sing some more.

Bring comfortable shoes in case you are asked to dance. We do not expect you to be an expert dancer unless, of course, you are trying out for a dancing role.

Ensemble: Yes or No?

When you fill out an audition form for any DMTC show you will come across the question, "Will you accept ensemble? Yes or No"

Please do not say "yes" unless you truly intend to accept an ensemble role in the production. While we understand that just about everyone wants the lead role, the ensemble is in integral part of every production and participating in the ensemble gives every actor valuable experience. Also, there are some productions where you may not be particularly suited for the lead role.

If you really feel that you will be too unhappy to perform in the ensemble if someone else gets the part you want, please, just say "No" to the ensemble question before you audition. While you will be given equal consideration for the roles you are interested in playing, please remember that you have a far better chance of getting cast if you are willing to accept any role or ensemble part offered to you as opposed to only wanting particular roles. The fewer roles you indicate you will accept, the fewer the director's options for casting you.


Some actors auditioning will be asked to return for a "callback," that is, a second look. The called back actors may be asked to sing a song from the show and to do more extensive readings than in the "regular" audition phase.

Cast List:

Please remember that an actor may still be cast even if not called back, and an actor may be called back but still not cast. For example, an actor who only wants to play the lead role will not be cast if the director decides that someone else is more suitable for that role. On the other hand, the director may still cast an actor whom she did not call back. The cast list will typically be posted by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday following auditions.

Schedule Conflicts

No conflicts are allowed during Tech Week or for any of the performances. Please check the calendar provided at auditions for the dates of Tech Week and of the performances. If you have any conflicts during Tech Week or performance dates, we ask that you not audition, but wait for a more convenient show. If you miss a Tech Week rehearsal or a performance, it could impact casting in the next DMTC production you participate in.

Are There Differences Between Main Stage and Young Performers' Theatre (YPT) Auditions?

In general, auditions are similar for Main Stage and Young Performers' Theatre (YPT), however there are some slight differences. More information about Young Performers' Theatre Auditions can be found here.

What COVID-19 protocols are in place?

DMTC COVID protocols can be seen here.