Seussical, The Musical
Rehearsal Schedule

Through Opening

Sun 11/12/2023 7:30pm All cast read through
Mon 11/13/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-How Lucky You Are, Act I AND Palm Beach (Mayzie, Cat)
8:15pm MUSIC-How Lucky You Are (Cat)
8:40pm MUSIC-Solla Sollew (Horton, Jojo, Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Sneetches)
9:10pm MUSIC-The Circus McGurkus (Horton, Sneetches)
Tue 11/14/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-Havin' a Hunch (Cat, Jojo, Wickershams)
8:15pm MUSIC-It's Possible (Jojo, Cat, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Jungle Ensemble)
8:40pm MUSIC-Egg, Nest & Tree (Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Jungle Ensemble)
9:10pm MUSIC-Biggest Blame Fool (Cat, Sour Kangaroo, Horton, Mayzie, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Jungle Ensemble)
Wed 11/15/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-Oh the Thinks You Can Think (All); The People vs. Horton the Elephant (All); Finale (All); Curtain Call (All)
Thu 11/16/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-How to Raise a Child (Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor)
8:00pm MUSIC-Here on Who (Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Grinch, Who Ensemble)
8:40pm MUSIC-The Grinch Carved the Roast Beast (Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Grinch, Cindy Lou, Who Ensemble)
9:20pm MUSIC-The Military (Schmitz, Cadets)
Sun 11/19/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-The Circus on Tour (Horton)
7:45pm MUSIC-Notice Me, Horton (Horton, Gertrude)
8:10pm MUSIC-Horton Hears a Who (Horton, Bird Girls)
8:40pm MUSIC-Amayzing Gertrude (Gertrude, Bird Girls)
9:15pm MUSIC-All for You (Gertrude, Bird Girls)
9:45pm MUSIC-The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz (Gertrude)
Mon 11/20/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-How Lucky You Are (Cat, Whos)
7:50pm MUSIC-Chasing the Whos (All)
8:20pm MUSIC-Act I Finale (All)
8:45pm MUSIC-Amayzing Mayzie (Mayzie, Gertrude, Bird Girls)
9:10pm CHOREOGRAPHY/MUSIC-Amayzing Mayzie
Tue 11/21/2023 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPHY/MUSIC-Chasing the Whos (ALL)
Wed 11/22/2023 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPHY/MUSIC-Biggest Blame Fool (Cat, Sour Kangaroo, Horton, Mayzie, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Jungle Ensemble)
Thu 11/23/2023 NO REHEARSAL
Sun 11/26/2023 NO REHEARSAL
Mon 11/27/2023 8:00pm (Note start time) MUSIC/BLOCKING/CHOREOGRAPH-"Havin' A Hunch"-Cat, Jojo, Wickershams
Tue 11/28/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Here On Who"-pp25-30; BLOCK Grinch scene ; pp78-79-Grinch, Mr. & Mrs. Mayor, All Whos
Wed 11/29/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"The People vs. Horton/Finale"-Everyone pp90-101
Thu 11/30/2023 7:30pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"It's Possible"-Jojo, Cat, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Jungle Ensemble
Sun 12/3/2023 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Green Eggs & Ham"-Everyone
9:00pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC/BLOCK-"The Military" pp37-40; BLOCK/MUSIC-"Green Eggs & Ham" (transition to "Butter Battle") pp76-78-General, Cadets, Jojo
Mon 12/4/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Egg, Nest & Tree" pp66-68-Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Sneetches, Wickershams, Horton, Cat, Hunters
8:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Circus McGurkus"-Cat, Horton, Kalysta, Sarah, Josh, Sherilyn pp69-71
Tue 12/5/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 pp58-60 including "How Lucky You Are Reprise" Act 2 pp71-73 "How Lucky You Are Reprise"-Cat, Mayzie, Horton
8:15pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"Horton Sits On The Egg"-Horton, Bird Girls, Gertrude pp61-62
8:30pm Act 1 Finale-Everyone
Wed 12/6/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-pp49-56 including "Monkey Around"
8:30pm Opening Act 2-Everyone
Thu 12/7/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Solla Sollew"-Horton, Jojo, Mr. & Mrs. Mayor, Sneetches
8:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-pp35-37-Mr. & Mrs. Mayor, Jojo (including "How To Raise A Child")
8:15pm Work all scenes with Horton, Jojo, Cat, Gertrude
Sat 12/9/2023 11:00am (until 4pm) Set construction & painting-Everyone
Sun 12/10/2023 11:00am (until 5pm) Set construction & painting-Everyone
7:30pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH/BLOCK-"Oh, The Thinks You Can Think"-Everyone
Mon 12/11/2023 7:30pm REVIEW-"Biggest Blame Fool", "It's Possible", "Chasing The Whos"-All Jungle Animals including Mayzie, Sour Kangaroo, Gertrude, Cat (No Whos)
Tue 12/12/2023 7:30pm All Wickershams only
9:00pm REVIEW-"Here On Who", "Christmas Scene"-Whos, Grinch, Cadets
Wed 12/13/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Amazing Gertrude", "All For You"-Gertrude, Bird Girls, Cat
Thu 12/14/2023 7:30pm Sing Through with Orchestra-Everyone
Sat 12/16/2023 11:00am (until 4pm) Set construction & painting-Everyone
Sun 12/17/2023 11:00am (until 5pm) Set construction & painting-Everyone
7:30pm Run Act 1-Everyone
Mon 12/18/2023 7:30pm Run Act 2-Everyone
Tue 12/19/2023 7:30pm Run Show-Everyone
Wed 12/20/2023 7:30pm Run Show-Everyone
Thu 12/21/2023 7:30pm Cue-to-Cue-Everyone
Fri 12/22/2023 7:30pm TBA-Keep Open
Sat 12/23/2023 through December 25, Merry Christmas
Tue 12/26/2023 6:30pm (call for mics) Run Show with Orchestra
Wed 12/27/2023 6:30pm (call for mics) Run Show with Orchestra, Costumes
Thu 12/28/2023 6:30pm (call for mics) Run Show with Orchestra, Costumes
Fri 12/29/2023 6:30pm (call for mics) Run Show with Orchestra, Costumes, makeup, hair
Sat 12/30/2023 6:30pm Final Dress
Sun 12/31/2023 6:30pm Call for Mics-Break a Gazoot
Mon 1/1/2024 (through 1/4/24) no rehearsal, Happy New Year!!!
Fri 1/5/2024 6:30pm Call for mics-Opening Night!!!!!!