Disney's Lion King, Jr
Rehearsal Schedule

Through 1/30/2023

Mon 1/23/2023 4:30pm All cast read through (Parent Meeting at 5:30pm)
Tue 1/24/2023 4:30pm Music: The Lioness Hunt - Lionesses
5:00pm Music: The Mourning - Rafiki, Sarabi, Young Nala, Lionesses
5:30pm Music: Shadowland - Rafiki, Older Nala, Lionesses
6:00pm Music: Grassland Chant - Grass
Wed 1/25/2023 4:30pm Music: Circle of Life, They Live In You, He Lives In You - Everyone EXCEPT Scar This rehearsal ends by 6:00pm
Thu 1/26/2023 4:30pm Music: I Just Can’t Wait To Be King - Everyone EXCEPT Scar, Rafiki, Mufasa
5:15pm Music: Hakuna Matata Part 1&2, Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Everyone EXCEPT Scar, Rafiki, Zazu
Mon 1/30/2023 4:30pm Music: Be Prepared - Scar, Hyenas
5:15pm Music: The Stampede - Wilde beest This rehearsal ends by 6:00pm