Character Descriptions

Disney's High School Musical 2 Jr

Monday, September 18, 2023 at 4:30pm
Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 4:30pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 4:00pm

Directed by Megan Richmond
Choreographed by Megan Richmond
Musical direction by Montana Monce

Opens Saturday, November 11, 2023

Plot Synopsis

Get ready for an action-packed summer extravaganza as Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats finish junior year and blast onto the summer scene.  You don’t need to have seen the original High School Musical to follow along and enjoy this crowd-pleasing, fun-filled charmer filled with action-packed dance numbers.  At Lava Springs Country Club we follow our East High favorites as they try to land summer jobs to pay for college and begin to grow up. Friendships are tested, summer romances go haywire and the meaning of success is redefined.

All Roles Open - any role may be performed by an actor of any gender

Role Description
Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton is the most popular kid at East High, the star of the basketball team and Gabriella's boyfriend. Troy is in a tough place this summer - he needs to make as much money as possible in order to afford college. When a scholarship opportunity arises, he does everything he can to make it happen. Look for a solid actor who can convey the full range of Troy's emotions and character traits: independent, driven, athletic, yet smitten with Gabriella.

Gabriella Montez

Gabriella Montez is an intelligent, charming girl who is loved by everyone except Sharpay. She is dating Troy and can't wait to spend the summer with him at Lava Springs. Gabriella is a strong, loyal character who sticks up for her beliefs. Cast a performer who can portray intelligence and independence.

Chad Danforth

Chad Danforth is a jock and Troy's best friend. He and Taylor share a special bond, but he is good friends with all the Wildcats. As Troy gets wrapped up in his scholarship world, Chad becomes concerned about the person Troy is becoming. Cast an actor/singer that partners naturally with Troy, is a leader of his own accord, and can handle Chad's large solo numbers as well as his acting challenges.

Taylor McKessie

Taylor McKessie is Gabriella's best friend who has started hanging out with Chad more often. She is organized and intelligent and doesn't like to see people take advantage of her friends, namely Gabriella. Find a performer who can portray Taylor's assertiveness and brains.

Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans is the egocentric daughter of the Lava Springs owner and twin sister of Ryan. She does everything she can to get what she wants, particularly Troy Bolton. Find a performer who can portray different sides of being a diva.

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans is Sharpay's twin brother and a true star. He loves singing and dancing, and is learning to be his own person outside of Sharpay's shadow. He wants what's best for his sister but is having a hard time dealing with her ego. Everything Ryan does is executed to the extreme and usually with enthusiasm. You want to find an actor who is a "triple threat" for this character: strong singer, dancer and actor.

Zeke Baylor

Zeke Baylor is a basketball player and good friend of Troy and Chad. His love of baking is matched only by his crush on Sharpay. Find an actor who works well as part of a team, but is able stand out in his own, especially when revealing his feelings for baking and Sharpay. Zeke has a number of solos, so make sure your actor can sing as well as act.

Jack Scott

Jack Scott is the school announcer who is confident and suave behind the microphone, but not so sure of himself when he isn't. He has a great friendship with Kelsi and they bring out the best in each other. Try casting a performer who will enjoy making this quirky role his own, and can portray a "gift of gab" radio voice.

Martha Cox

Martha Cox is the fun-loving, big-personality girl of the group. She loves to dance, specifically hip-hop. Cast an actress who understands comic timing and enjoys being over-the-top. 

Kelsi Neilson

Kelsi Nielsen is an up-and-coming theatre composer who struggles with how to further her career. Cast an actor who can blend into the background while having the intelligence and ability to shoot the "zingers" at Sharpay with timing and accuracy. You should also coach your actress to look like a pianist as she "accompanies" the songs onstage. Kelsi has solos throughout the show.


Fulton is the efficient club manager of Lava Springs. When it comes to the Wildcats, he/she doesn't have difficulty being in charge, but Sharpay is a different story. He/She is overly concerned with pleasing the daughter of the country club's owner. It isn't until Sharpay pushes him/her too far that Fulton is able to stand up to her. Find an actor with excellent comic timing for this role.


Blossom, Violet, Peaches, and Jasmine are the Sharpettes, Sharpay's debutante gal pals. They are bubbly, excitable and will back Sharpay up in all her endeavors. The Sharpettes should be good singers and dancers who exude lots of focused energy onstage. Feel free to cast more Sharpettes. Use the following names for the additional girls: Orchid, Ruby, Lily, Beneatha, Colleen, Susan, Lindsay.


The Ensemble includes students, Lava Springs employees, talent show participants, etc.