Character Descriptions

Disney's Lion King, Jr

Monday, January 16, 2023 at 4:30pm
Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 4:30pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 4:30pm

Directed by Jan Isaacson
Choreographed by Jan Isaacson
Musical direction by Montana Monce

Opens Saturday, March 11, 2023

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Plot Synopsis


The Lion King is the story of Simba, an adventurous and energetic lion cub who is next in line to be king of the Pride Lands, a thriving and beautiful region in the African savanna. When Simba’s father Mufasa is killed by his uncle Scar, though, Simba is led to believe that his father’s death is his fault, and he is encouraged to run away forever. Scar seizes power and with his already unstable mind deteriorating, the Pride Lands experiences a darkness and desolation from which only Simba can save the animals of the kingdom. Featuring classic songs from the film such as “Circle of Life,” “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” “Hakuna Matata,” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” The Lion King is a story and a spectacle about identity, family, and responsibility that is enjoyed worldwide by people of all ages.

All Roles Open - any role may be performed by an actor of any gender

Role Description

A wise mandrill who acts as healer of the Pridelands and guides Simba on the journey home. Rafiki is an omniscient character, evincing an air of mystery. Rafiki has significant solos in "Circle of Life" and "He Lives in You," and leads the African chants throughout the show.


The strong, honorable, and wise lion who leads the Pridelands. Mufasa should command respect onstage and also show tenderness with Simba


A featured lioness, Mufasa's mate, and Simba's mother. Sarabi has a few key speaking lines for an actor who can deliver the care and command of a queen.


The anxious yet loyal assistant to Mufasa who is always busy trying to do his duty.


The antagonist of the show, overcome with jealousy of his brother, Mufasa, and nephew, Simba. Coldhearted and wickedly intelligent, he will stop at nothing to become king of the Pridelands.

Young Simba

The protagonist of the story, is an adventurous and endearing cub who can't wait to be king of the Pridelands. Simba is playful, energetic, and naive, but after his father Mufasa's death, Simba struggles with shame and his destiny. 


Grows from a cub to lion in "Hakuna Matata." Older Simba has more complex moments as he reunites with Nala, mourns his father, and returns to confront Scar.


The fierce hunters of the Pridelands and featured in "The Lioness Hunt," "The Mourning," and "Shadowland." These actors should be strong singers, as the material can be challenging.

Young Nala

A courageous lion and Young Simba's best friend. She is not afraid to speak her mind. 


Grows from a cub to a lioness before she confronts Scar.


A featured lioness and Nala's mother. She has one short, spoken line, so consider giving this part to an actor who is putting in a lot of effort and hard work in rehearsal as a lioness.


One of Scar's hyenas who plot to take over the Pridelands. TShenzi is sassy one of the trio and is always looking out for themself. With Banzai and Ed, Shenzi should be able to laugh loudly and long, as well as be menacing to Young Simba and Young Nala.


A slick yet childish hyena who works for Scar. Banzai would be the leader of the group if hyenas weren't so lazy. Actor must portray nastiness and gruffness.


The third member of Scar's trio of lackeys. Ed has a loud, cackling laugh that is their only form of communication. Ed should be played by an actor who can laugh unabashedly and communicate through physicality and facial expressions rather than words.


Scar's army, helping to carry out the evil plot to take over the Pridelands. Hyenas are mangy, mindless creatures who sing in "Be Prepared."


An outcast meerkat who lives in the jungle with Pumbaa. He is afraid of his own shadow, but pretends to be the confident, relaxed leader of the duo. Timon is one of the funniest characters in the show, and should be played by an actor who understands comic timing. 


A kindhearted, sensitive warthog who enjoys his simple life of grubs and relaxation. Cast an actor who can portray this loveable and loyal friend to Timon and Simba with deadpan humor.


The ensemble plays various inhabitants of the Pridelands, such as giraffes, elephants, antelopes, wildebeests.