Character Descriptions

Pirates Of Penzance, Jr.

Monday, July 29, 2019 at 4:30pm
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 4:30pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 4:30pm

Opens Saturday, September 14, 2019

All Roles Open

Role Description

Frederic is the romantic lead of the show. He’s young, manly, heroic, innocent, a bit naive, but genuine and sincere. Must be well-spoken, an excellent singer, and believable as a romantic lead. Frederic should get lots of laughs because he’s 100% sincere and honorable in a situation that is completely ridiculous.


Mabel is the female romantic lead, the sweet and innocent daughter of the Major-General. Must sing in the soprano range with excellent diction and have good comic timing. Must also be a good actor.

Pirate King

Swashbuckling pirate type. Needs to be a good mover, strong singer and actor, with good comic timing. This character needs to be big, bold, and take command of the stage whenever he is onstage.

Major General Stanley

Father of Mabel and her sisters, and an upper-class (but quirky) military man. Must be able to convey a high-class, fastidious, pretentious type. Most importantly, this actor must have a good sense of rhythm and articulation for his featured song, which is delivered with rapid-fire precision.


Frederic’s nursemaid and later becomes one of the pirates. She’s an older woman who has tricked Frederic into thinking she is a great beauty. This role requires excellent comic timing, an ability to be energetic and larger-than-life onstage, and great singing. Ruth is a comically older and plain woman and this is played for laughs several times throughout the show.


(boy or girl) The Pirate King’s right-hand man and ship accountant. Bookish and fussy. Must be a good character actor, and singer. Has some featured solos.


One of Major-General Stanley’s daughters. Bookish and studious. Needs to be a good singer, and actor. Has some solo singing.


One of Major-General Stanley’s daughters. Needs to be a good singer, and actor. Has some solo singing.


One of Major-General Stanley’s daughters. Needs to be a good singer, and actor. Has some solo singing.

Police Sergeant

(boy or girl) Who is the leader of the band of scaredy-cat police who are pretending to be brave. Bumbling and over-the-top, this actor need to be good mover and singer.

Daughters Of General Stanley

Daughters of Major-General Stanley. These actors should be good singers. Each daughter should have some individuality that will distinguish her from the others, so will develop her own character in conjunction with the director that she can portray and sustain throughout the show. Some of these daughters may have featured solos.

Police Chorus

A band of bumbling, comic policemen who are trying to appear brave in the face of danger, even though they are a bunch of scaredy-cats. These actors should be good movers and singers. The police have funny chase and fight scenes. Will double as pirates in Act I. Some may have featured solos.

Pirate Chorus

A band of over-the-top rascally pirates who are eager to serve their Pirate King. Should be good  singers, and actors. The pirates are involved in funny chase and fight scenes and need to be good movers for the “Catlike Tread” number. Some may have featured solos.

Plot Synopsis

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Set sail with this classic swashbuckling musical journey, which features the wit and whimsy of Gilbert and Sullivan's classic score and a number of high-energy dance numbers and lively, classic songs, including a 19th-century version of rap (“I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General”).