Jekyll & Hyde
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Sunday June 30, 2024 at 7:30pm. Please have $5 for your script and music; and a pencil. We will be reading the performers contract.

Role Performer
Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde J. Sing
Lucy Harris, the main attraction at "The Red Rat" Cassie Mosher
Emma Carew – Jekyll’s fiancée KC Cataldo
Gabriel John Utterson – lawyer and friend of Henry Jekyll Emerson McAlister
Mr. Simon Stride Isaiah Bent
Sir Danvers Carew Brian McCann
Bishop of Basingstoke Adam Russ
General Lord Glossop Ellen Caro
The Right Honorable Archibald Proops Jessica Biebel
Lady Beaconsfield Dannette Vassar
Lord Savage Victor Barajas
Nellie Prostitute/Madam Kaitlyn McEowen
Spider, proprietor of "The Red Rat"/Pimp Christopher Olvera
Poole - Jekyll's manservant Arthur Vassar
Ensemble Nikki Liv Basas, Bailee Casey, Adinah Erba, Tomas Eredia, Sabrina Fernandez, Jezebel France, Jessica Garver, Shannon Kiehn, Yutang Lin, Natalie Meagher, Phoebe Mosher, Lori Olvera, Taylor Quist, Molly Ryle, Elizabeth Wood, Liam Yao, Adrien Zilber