Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Monday March 18, 2024 at 4:30pm. Mandatory parent meeting at 5:30pm.

Additional roles will be cast from those in the ensemble during rehearsal.
Role Performer
Alex Sage Greenwood
Marty Maya Clossick
Gloria Emma Nason
Melman Alex Richmond
Skipper Harper Kidd
Kowalski Pia Sternad
Rico Amelia Teramoto
Private Lila Reinhart
Zookeeper Zelda Lola Bonneau
Zookeeper Zeke Isabella Dahl
Zookeeper Zoe Mackenzie Froman
King Julien Sailor Harris
Maurice Catherine Carrie
Mort Sebastian Muench
Ensemble Lola Bonneau, Amelia Campbell, Catherine Carrie, Emma Christensen, Isabella Dahl, Cooper Fenton, Mackenzie Froman, Sailor Harris, Luna Krebsbach, Sebastian Muench, Sonia Muench, Audrey Ramos, Nora Rose