Alice in Wonderland
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Monday August 1, 2022 at 4:30pm. Mandatory parent meeting at 5:30pm.

Everyone listed below, except Alice and the White Rabbit will also be in the Queen's Court and the Ensemble
Role Performer
Alice Emma Tyler
White Rabbit Madeleine Yu
Rabbit Hole Dancers Chloe Aldrete, Catherine Carrie, Marian Fabionar, Liza Ivanova, Owen Mayor, Meredith Moore, Alex Richmond, AJ Rose, Clara Silva, Nico Srinivas
Doors Harriet Agyeman, Raina Morshed, Ariana Ottenwaller
Table Kamila Ehrlich
French Mouse Thomas Ramos
Dodo AJ Rose
Duck Ariana Ottenwaller
Lory Irene Erismann
Caterpiller Liam O'Donnell
Cheshire Cat Meredith Moore
Baby Dylan Yu
Pan Gabriela Grodski-Drumm
Kettle Lawrence Chase
Knife Noah Oler
Fork Hillary Agyeman
Napkin Clara Silva
Cook Lila Reinhart
Duchess Marian Fabionar
Flora Clara Silva
Dora Lauren Hart
Dancing Flowers Harriet Agyeman, Hillary Agyeman, Irene Erismann, Gabriela Grodski-Drumm, Brennan Hart, Meredith Moore, Ariana Ottenwaller, Lila Reinhart, AJ Rose
Tweedle Dee Raina Morshed
Tweedle Dum Chloe Aldrete
Walrus Catherine Carrie
Carpenter Jett Kidd
Sun Harper Kidd
Moon Liza Ivanova
Oysters Lawrence Chase, Kamila Ehrlich, Owen Mayor, Liam O'Donnell, Noah Oler, Thomas Ramos, Alex Richmond, Nico Srinivas
March Hare Alex Richmond
Mad Hatter Owen Mayor
Dormouse Irene Erismann
Queen of Hearts Chloe Aldrete
King of Hearts Jett Kidd
Gryphon Raina Morshed
Mock Turtle Harriet Agyeman
Sea Creature Catherine Carrie
Knave of Hearts Thomas Ramos
Cards Hillary Agyeman, Nico Srinivas