Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Sunday January 16, 2022 at 7:30pm. Please have $5 for your script and music; and a pencil. We will be reading the performers contract.

Role Performer
Officer Lockstock Hugo Figueroa
Hope Cladwell Sierra Isola
Penny Pennywise Morgan Bartoe
Bobby Strong Paul Mollitt
Caldwell B. Cladwell Clocky McDowell
Officer Barrel Tomas Eredia
Little Sally Marie Nearing
Josephine Strong Dannette Vassar
Tiny Tom Karam Johal
Mrs. Millenium Katrina Pitts
Little Becky Two-Shoes Sofia Rosario
Soupy Sue Amy Woodman
Senator Fipp James Barton
Mr. McQueen Evan Millis
Old Man Strong Eduard Arakelyan
Hot Blades Harry Eduard Arakelyan
Ensemble Svea Benson, Jan Isaacson, Katrina Pitts, Jennifer Rutherford, Molly Ryle, Jean Thompson, Sarah Walter