Titanic, The Musical
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Sunday September 26, 2021 at 7:30pm. Please have $5 for your script and music; and a pencil. We will be reading the performers contract.

Role Performer
Thomas Andrews, the Designer of the Ship Travis Nagler
Captain E.J. Smith Joel Porter
J. Bruce Ismay, Director of the White Star Line Ben Bruening
Alice Beane/PLUS OTHERS TBD Chris Cay Stewart
Barrett (Stoker)/Mr. DaMico/Pittman/The Major/PLUS OTHER TBD J. Sing
Edgar Beane/PLUS OTHERS TBD Arthur Vassar
Harold Bride/Jim Farrell Andy Hyun
Kate McGowan/PLUS OTHERS TBD Katrina Pitts
Kate Mullins/PLUS OTHERS TBD Sierra Winter
Kate Murphy/PLUS OTHERS TBD Sabrina Fernandez
Charlotte Drake Cardoza/PLUS OTHERS TBD Sarah Walter
Bellboy/PLUS OTHERS TBD Svea Benson
Caroline Neville/Mrs. DaMico/PLUS OTHERS TBD Andi Bourquin
Marion Thayer/PLUS OTHERS TBD Sierra Winter
Madeline Astor/PLUS OTHERS TBD Alexis Sabo
Madame Aubert/PLUS OTHERS TBD Elizabeth Fernandez
Edith Corse Evans/PLUS OTHERS TBD Virginia Shaw
Third Class Passenger/PLUS OTHERS TBD Jan Isaacson, Stacy Sheehan
Ida Strauss/PLUS OTHERS TBD Laura M. Smith
Isidor Strauss/PLUS OTHERS TBD Scott Minor
Guggenheim/Carlson Don Draughon
Eleanor Widener/PLUS OTHERS TBD Wrye Sentenia
Officer Lightoller Matt Smiley
Henry Etches Clocky McDowell
Frank Carlson Don Draughon
4th Officer Joseph Boxhall George Morales
J.H. Rogers George Morales
Robert Hitchens Scott Minor
Charles Clark Ryan Favorite
Frederick Fleet (Lookout) Ryan Favorite
1st Officer William Murdoch Raheem Jones