Pirates Of Penzance, Jr.
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Monday August 5, 2019 at 4:30pm. Mandatory parent meeting at 5:30pm.

Role Performer
Pirate King Lindsey Whiteford
Mabel Sage Sigmon
Ruth Ella Del Favero
Frederic Ailani Gentles
Modern Major General Stanley Matthew Vallero
Kate Trinity Hart
Edith Michal Grosglik
Police Sergeant Roman Mariano
Samuel Jordan Wagner
Pirate Chorus Chloe Aldrete, Roman Mariano, Oliver Reinhart, Alex Richmond, Cleah Sronce
Daughters Chorus Charlotte Blake, Delilah Blake, Vicki Carlson, Kiera Chang, Isabel Crider, Charlotte Del Favero, Cayla Groveman, Chloe Groveman, Berlin Provost, Sierra Provost, Elliot Schapira
Police Chorus Oliver Reinhart, Alex Richmond, Cleah Sronce