MEL BROOKS' Young Frankenstein
Cast List

Thank you to all those who auditioned.

Read through Sunday March 15, 2020 at 7:30pm. Please bring $5 for your script and music.

Role Performer
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein Shane Burrows
Elizabeth Lily Smith
Igor Brian McCann
Inga Andrea Bourquin
Frau Blucher Beth Ellen Ethridge
Inspector Kemp Brad DeMoss
Blind Man Don Draughon
The Monster Hugo Figueroa
Ziggy, the Village Idiot Tomas Eredia
Ensemble Timothy Blankenship, Anna Cutshell, Brad DeMoss, Don Draughon, Cheska Dy, Tomas Eredia, Jan Isaacson, Kelly Poland, Hannah Sheaffer, Stacy Sheehan, Arthur Vassar, Dannette Vassar, Mary Young