Pirates Of Penzance
Rehearsal Schedule

Through 1/30/2023

Sun 1/15/2023 7:30pm All cast read through
Mon 1/16/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"Climbing Over Rocky Mountain"-All woman (Except Ruth & Mabel)
8:00pm MUSIC-"Stop Ladies Pray", "Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast", "Poor Wandering One", "What Ought We Do", "How Beautiful Blue The Sky"-Mabel, Frederic, Edith, Kate, Daughters/Wards
Tue 1/17/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"Oh Dry The Glistening Tear-All women (except Laura, Jenn)
7:50pm MUSIC-"When The Foeman Bears His Steel", "Then Frederic-Sergent, Police, Daughters/Wards, Major-General
8:35pm MUSIC-MUSIC-"No, I Am Brave", "Sergeant Approach", "It's Too Late Now"-Mabel, Police; When finished-"Sorry Her Lot"-Mabel
Wed 1/18/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"Hush, Hush, Not A Word", "Sighing Softly (This includes Finale Act 2)"-Everyone
9:00pm MUSIC-Pour, O Pour, The Pirate Sherry", "Oh Better Far, To Live and Die"-Pirate King, Pirates
Thu 1/19/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"A Little Lad"-Ruth
7:50pm MUSIC-"Oh, False One You, You Have Deceived Me"-Ruth, Frederic
8:15pm MUSIC-"Now For The Pirates Lair", "When You Left Our Pirate Fold", "My Eyes Are Fully Open" "Away, Away, My Heart's On Fire"-Ruth, Pirate King, Frederic
Sun 1/22/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"Stay We Must Not Lose Our Senses", "Hold Monsters", "Modern Major-General", "Oh Men of Dark and Dismal Fate"-Everyone but Ruth
8:30pm Add Ruth
9:00pm MUSIC-"A Rollicking Band Of Pirates We", "With Cat-Like Tread"-Pirates, Police including Ruth & Frederic
Mon 1/23/2023 7:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-Act 1 pp11-12-All Women except Ruth & Mabel, including "Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
8:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 pp13-14, including "Stop Ladies Pray", "Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast"-Frederic, All women except Ruth & Mabel
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-pp14-"Poor Wand'ring One"-Mabel, Frederic, Ladies
Tue 1/24/2023 7:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK-"Oh, Dry The Glistening Tear"-Major-General, Mabel, All Ladies except Ruth, Laura
8:00pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Act 2 pp1-7 Including "When The Foeman Bears His Steel", "The Frederic"-Police Sergeant, Police, Mabel, All women except Ruth, Major-General
8:30pm Add Frederic
Wed 1/25/2023 7:30pm MUSIC-"Pour, Oh Pour The Pirates Sherry", "Oh, Better Far To Live and Die"-Pirate King, Pirates
8:15pm MUSIC-"A Rollicking Band of Pirates We", "With Cat Like Tread"-Police, Pirates, Ruth Frederic
9:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Pour, Oh Pour The Pirates Sherry"-All Pirates
Thu 1/26/2023 7:30pm Finish & Review MUSIC-"Oh, Men of Dark and Dismal Fate", "Slightly Softly"
Sun 1/29/2023 8:30pm (Note time due to Strike of Cabaret & Montana will be late) BLOCK/MUSIC-"All Is Prepared", "Stay, Frederic, Stay"-Frederic, Mabel
Mon 1/30/2023 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 pp7-14 including "Now For The Pirate Lair", "When You Left Your Pirate Fold", "My Eyes Are Fully Open", "Away, Away My Heart's on Fire"-Ruth Pirate King, Frederic; When that is completed: BLOCK/MUSIC Act 1 pp7-10 including "Oh False One, You Have Deceived Me-Ruth, Frederic