Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins (LIVE)
Rehearsal Schedule

Through Opening

Sun 7/18/2021 7:30pm All cast read through
Mon 7/19/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"Cherry Tree Lane Part 1", "The Perfect Nanny", "Cherry Lane Part 2", "Cherry Lane Reprise"-George, Winifred, Jane, Michael, Robertson Ay, Mrs. Brill
8:30pm MUSIC-"Let's Hope She Will Stay"-George, Winifred, Michael, Jane
8:45pm MUSIC-"A Man Has Dreams", "A Man Has Dreams Reprise", "Give Us The Word", "Good For Nothing/Being Mrs. Banks-George
9:15pm MUSIC-"Good For Nothing/Being Mrs. Banks", "Spoonful Playoff"-Winifred
Tue 7/20/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"A Spoonful of Sugar"-Mary, Jane, Michael, Winifred, Robertson Ay
8:00pm MUSIC-"Practically Perfect", "Practically Perfect Reprise"-Mary, Michael, Jane
8:30pm "MUSIC-"Jolly Holiday"-Bert, Mary, Jane, Michael, Neleus, Ensemble; "Let's Go Fly A Kite"-Mary, Bert, Michael, Jane, Park Keeper, Ensemble
Wed 7/21/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"Prologue", "All Me Own Work", "Winds Do Change", Twists and Turns", #20-A Spoonful of Sugar Reprise"-Bert
8:00pm MUSIC-"Chim Chim Cher-ee"-Mary, Bert
8:30pm MUSIC-"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"-Mary, Mrs. Corey, Bert, Jane, Michael, Ensemble
9:00pm MUSIC-"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Reprise/The Winds May Blow"-Bert, Ensemble
Thu 7/22/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"Anything Can Happen Part 2", "Bows"-Everyone
9:00pm MUSIC-"Feed The Birds"-Birdwoman, Mary, Ensemble
Sun 7/25/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"Step In Time"-Bert, Mary, Michael, Jane, Ensemble; "Down The Chimney"-Bert, Ensemble
8:30pm MUSIC-"Precision and Order"-Ensemble, Chairman, Von Hussler, Northbrook; "Anything Can Happen" (Pt 1 p242)-Board of Directors
Mon 7/26/2021 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Step In Time" pp98-103-Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Step In Time Dancers
Tue 7/27/2021 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 4-"Jolly Holiday"-Bert, Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, Park Keeper, Neleus, Ensemble pp18-27
Wed 7/28/2021 7:30pm MUSIC-"Let's Go Fly A Kite"-Bert, Park Keeper, Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, Ensemble; "Play The Game"-Mary Poppins, Ensemble
9:00pm "Brimstone and Treacle" Parts 1 & 2-Mary Poppins, Miss Andrew
Thu 7/29/2021 7:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Mrs. Banks' Songs
7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-pp3-9 including "Cherry Tree Lane Part 1", "The Perfect Nanny", "Cherry Tree Lane Part 2"-George, Winifred, Jane, Michael, Robertson Ay, Mrs. Brill
8:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 5 pp28-31 including "Let's Hope She Will Stay"-Winifred, George, Jane Michael
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 1 pp72-77-Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Robertson Ay, Jane, Michael, George, Miss Andrew including "Cherry Tree Lane Reprise", "Brimstone and Treacle part 1"
Sun 8/1/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-pp49-57 including"Supercalifragilistic..."-Mary Poppins, Bert, Mrs. Corry, Jane, Michael, Ensemble
Mon 8/2/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-Act 2 sc 2-pp78-81-Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane, Michael, Park Keeper, Ensemble (NO CHIMNEY SWEEPS)
8:30pm BLOCK-pp82-83-Jane, Michael, Bert, Park Keeper
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 12 pp69-70 including "Chim Chim Cher-ee"-Bert, Mary
Tue 8/3/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 3 pp13-17-including "Practically Perfect"-Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael
8:15pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"A spoonful of Sugar"-Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Robertson Ay, Winifred
8:45pm BLOCK-Act 1 sc 6 pp33-40-Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Robertson Ay, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael
Wed 8/4/2021 7:30pm Finish-"Step In Time"-Step In Time Dancers and Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael
Thu 8/5/2021 7:30pm Finish-"Supercalifragilisatic..."
Sun 8/8/2021 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Bows"-Everybody
Sun 8/22/2021 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Playing the Game"-Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Ensemble (Toys will be named)
Tue 8/24/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 6 pp92-95-Winifred, Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, Mrs. Brill; Act 2 sc 7 pp96-97-Jane, Michael, Mary Poppins including "Practically Perfect Reprise"; Act 2 sc 9 pp106-110-George, Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Bert (including "A Man Has Dreams Reprise"); Act 2 sc 10 pp111-113 including "Anything Can happen Part 1"-Jane, Michael, Winifred, Mary Poppins
Wed 8/25/2021 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Precision and Order"-Ensemble, Chairman
8:15pm Act 1 sc 7-pp41-46-Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, George, Chairman, Von Hussler, Northbrook, Ensemble (including "Precision and Order")
Thu 8/26/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 11 including "Anything Can Happen Part 2" pp114-119-Everyone
Sun 8/29/2021 7:30pm Step in Time surrounding scene (1/2 hour) + Down the Chimney. Bert, Mary, Sweeps, kids until 8:45, then add Bankses/Brill/Robertson
Mon 8/30/2021 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 13-Jane, Michael, Mary Poppins pp120-121; sc 14 pp122-124-Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, Winifred, George including "A Spoonful of Sugar Reprise"
8:45pm add Miss Lark, Admiral Boom, Katie Nanna
Tue 8/31/2021 7:30pm All Dance Review - Supercalif Reprise (Bert, Sweeps, Annie, Fannie), then Bows, then Supercalif, Step in Time
Wed 9/1/2021 7:30pm Vocal reviews. Start at end of show & work backward
Thu 9/2/2021 7:30pm "Jolly Holiday"
Sat 9/4/2021 10:00am Set Construction and Rigging of Pipes
Sun 9/5/2021 8:00am Until 5pm: Rigging if the fly system. No other activities in the theater.
5:00pm FLYING REHEARSAL Flying 101-Jori, Judah, Beth Ellen, Flyers (Cameron, Tim & Anna, Kimmie) With supervision by ZFX
6:00pm FLYING REHEARSAL-Brimstone & Treacle. Miss Andrew, Mary, Jane, Michael
8:00pm FLYING REHEARSAL-Let's Go Fly a Kite. Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, Park Keeper
Mon 9/6/2021 10:00am FLYING REHEARSAL-Step in Time. Bert, Mary, Sweeps.
1:00pm Lunch break
2:00pm FLYING REHEARSAL-Act I Finale. Mary, Bert.
3:30pm FLYING REHEARSAL-Cherry Tree Lane. Mary, George, Winifred, Jane, Michael, Mrs. Brill
4:30pm FLYING REHEARSAL-Review all flights - Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, George, Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Miss Andrew, Park Keeper, Sweeps Some of you are not called for some scenes, despite being onstage (Robertson Ay and Kite Fliers, for instance)
6:00pm Dinner Break
7:00pm Work on all FLYING with those listed above
Tue 9/7/2021 7:30pm Run Act 1 with Flying-Everyone
Wed 9/8/2021 6:30pm Call time (Photos at 7pm) for publicity photos-Jori, Judah, Ruby, Django, Joe, Andi, Beth Ellen
7:30pm Everyone else-Run Act 2 with Flying-Everyone
Thu 9/9/2021 7:30pm Run Show with Flying-Everyone
Sat 9/11/2021 10:00am Finish set
Sun 9/12/2021 1:00pm Until 5pm-Cue to Cue-Everyone
7:00pm Run show with orchestra and flying
Mon 9/13/2021 6:30pm Call time for mics-Everyone, then run show with orchestra, and costumes
Tue 9/14/2021 6:30pm Call time for mics-Everyone, then run show with orchestra, and costumes
Wed 9/15/2021 6:30pm Call time for mics-Everyone, then run show with orchestra, and costumes, make-up & hair
Thu 9/16/2021 6:30pm Call time for mics-Final Dress
Fri 9/17/2021 6:30pm Call time-Mics-Everyone-OPENING NIGHT-Have a Supercali (you know the rest)