Shrek, The Musical
Rehearsal Schedule

Through 5/2/2021

Mon 4/5/2021 7:30pm All cast read through
Tue 4/6/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"When Words Fail", "Build A Wall", "Big Bright Beautiful World", "Who I'd Be"-Shrek
7:45pm MUSIC-"Travel Song"-Donkey, Shrek
8:15pm MUSIC-"Who I'd Be"-Shrek, Donkey, Fiona
9:00pm MUSIC-"Don't Let Me Go"-Donkey
9:15pm MUSIC-"Morning Person", "This is How A Dream Comes True"-Fiona
Wed 4/7/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"I Know It's Today"-Young Fiona
7:15pm MUSIC-"I Know It's Today"-Teen Fiona
7:30pm MUSIC-"I Know It's Today"-Adult Fiona
7:40pm MUSIC-"I Know It's Today"-All 3 Fionas
8:00pm MUSIC-"This is How A Dream Comes True", "Morning Person", "Who I'd Be"-Fiona
8:30pm MUSIC-"Freak Flag Fly"-All Fairytale Characters
9:30pm MUSIC-"What's Up Duloc"-Farquaad, Duloc Dancers
Thu 4/8/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"Ballard of Farquaad"-Farquaad, Guards
8:45pm MUSIC-"Story Of My Life"-All Fairytale Characters
Sun 4/11/2021 7:00pm BLOCK-Act 1 sc 1 pp14-17; pp19-20; Act 1 sc 5 pp25-27, p33; Act 1 sc 7 pp38-39; pp42-43; p45; Act 1 sc 10 pp61-62; pp87-88; p96; Act 2 sc 8 pp103-105-Donkey, Shrek
8:30pm Act 1 sc 3 pp14-15-Captain, Guards, Shrek, Donkey
8:50pm pp30-32-Shrek, Farquaad, Donkey
9:10pm Act 2 sc 2 pp76-77-Thelonius, Farquaad
Mon 4/12/2021 7:00pm BLOCK (No Music)-"I Know It's Today"-3 Fionas
Tue 4/13/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"Story Of My Life", "Freak Flag Fly"-All Fairytale Characters
Thu 4/15/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"Ballad of Farquaad"-Farquaad, Guards
8:30pm MUSIC-"What's Up Duloc (plus tag)-Farquaad, Duloc Dancers
Sun 4/18/2021 7:00pm CHOREOGRAPH-'Freak Flag Fly"-All Fairytale Characters
Mon 4/19/2021 7:00pm Act 1 sc 9 pp51-64 (Including This Is How A Dream Comes True & "Who I'd Be")-Fiona, Shrek, Donkey
8:30pm MUSIC-"Forever"-Dragon, Donkey, Carter, Robert, Hugo, Annie
Tue 4/20/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"Finale"-Everyone but Farquaad, Young Fiona, Young Shrek
8:00pm MUSIC-"I'm A Believer"-Everyone (INCLUDING: Farquaad, Young Fiona, Young Shrek)
9:00pm MUSIC-"Make A Move"-Donkey, 3 Blind Mice
Wed 4/21/2021 7:00pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Don't Let me Go", "Travel Song"-Shrek, Donkey
8:00pm pp68-79 (Including "I Think I Got You Beat"); Act 2 sc 3 pp80-82-Donkey, Shrek Fiona
Thu 4/22/2021 7:00pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"Regiment #1", "Regiment Reprise-All Guards
8:45pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Ballad of Farquaad"-Farquaad, Guards, Thelonious
Sun 4/25/2021 7:00pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Story of My Life"-All Fairytale Characters pp7-10
8:30pm pp10-13-Shrek, Fairytale Characters (including "Story of My Life Reprise" & "The Goodbye Song")
Mon 4/26/2021 7:00pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"I'm A Believer"-Everyone
8:30pm MUSIC-"Wedding Procession", "Catherdral Sunset/Transformation"-Everyone but Fiona, Young Fiona, Young Shrek, Farquaad, Donkey
9:30pm MUSIC-"Big Bright Beautiful World Reprise"; "Beautiful Ain't Always Pretty"-Shrek
Tue 4/27/2021 7:00pm Act 2 sc 9 pp106-116-Everyone except, Young Fiona, Young Shrek (including "Wedding Procession", "Big Bright Beautiful World Reprise"; "Beautiful Ain't Always Pretty", "Finale")
8:00pm Add Donkey
Wed 4/28/2021 7:00pm BLOCK pp86-88; Act 2 sc 5 pp89-92; Act 2 sc 6 pp93-97-Shrek, Donkey, Fiona (includies "When Words Fail", "Morning Person Reprise", "The Arrival of Farquaad", "Build A Wall")
8:00pm Add Farquaad
Thu 4/29/2021 7:00pm CHOREOGRAPH-"What's Up Duloc"-Farquaad, Duloc Dancers
Sun 5/2/2021 7:00pm MUSIC-"Big Bright Beautiful World"-Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, King Harold, Queen Lillian
7:20pm add Ensemble; BLOCK pp1-6-Mama Ogre, papa Ogre, Young Shrek, King Harold, Queen Lillian, Young Fiona, Shrek, Ensemble