HONK, junior
Rehearsal Schedule

Through 3/4/2021

Mon 1/25/2021 4:30pm All cast read through (Parent Meeting at 5:30pm)
Tue 1/26/2021 4:30pm Everyone. Song #1 "A Poultry Tale", Song #6 "Look At Him"
Wed 1/27/2021 4:30pm Everyone. Song #14 "The Wild Goose Chase", Song #18 "Warts And All"
Thu 1/28/2021 4:30pm Everyone. Song #21 The Blizzard", Song #25 "Look At Him (Reprise)", Song #27 "Warts And All (Reprise)", plus review
Mon 2/1/2021 4:30pm BLOCKING: pg 15 ( Drake and Ida ) blocking BLOCKING: pg 16 - 22 ( Maureen and Ida ) blocking MUSIC: CAT "Play With Your Food", plus all other solo sections
5:30pm BLOCKING: Everyone review Poultry Tale ( No Ugly and Ducklings ) MUSIC: DUCKLINGS: All songs, will address any questions about parts
Tue 2/2/2021 4:30pm BLOCKING: pg 22-top of pg 27 ( Maureen, Ida, Drake and Ducklings ) blocking MUSIC: BULLFROG "Warts and All", plus all other solo sections
5:30pm BLOCKING: pg 27 - 36 ( Maureen, Ida, Drake, and Ducklings ) blocking
Wed 2/3/2021 4:30pm (Until 6pm) BLOCKING: pgs 49 -54 (Cat and Ugly ) blocking BLOCKING: pgs 57 - 63 ( Cat and Ugly no boy or girl ) (Until 5:30) MUSIC 4:30-5:30: DRAKE "The Joy of Motherhood (Reprise 1 & 2)", plus all other solo sections
5:30pm (Until 6:30) MUSIC: MAUREEN, HENRIETTA, MOTHER SWAN, BULLFROG. Group Discussion.
6:00pm Drake and Duckings with Ron
Thu 2/4/2021 4:30pm BLOCKING: pgs 64 - 69 ( Jaybird, Ida, Drake no Ducklings ) blocking
5:30pm BLOCKING: pgs 69-74 ( Greylag, Dot, Ugly, Cat, Snowy, Barnacles ) blocking
Mon 2/8/2021 4:30pm with Ron ( Warts & All ) Samareeah, Matt, Megan, Henry, Isee, Elinor, Harlynn, Chloe, Nathan, Teagan, Gianna
4:30pm with Dave ( Cat )
5:30pm with Dave (Ida )
6:00pm with Dave (Blizzard) Molly, Sameerah, Jadine, Teagan, Alex, Tristan, Nathan, Aaron, Chloe, Xander
6:00pm with Ron ( Ida and Ugly)
Tue 2/9/2021 4:30pm with Dave ( Poultry Tale ) no Ugly, or Ducklings
Wed 2/10/2021 4:30pm with Ron ( Wild Goose Chase) Tristan, Teagan, Zak, Matt, Jadine, Nathan, Trystan, Alex, Aubree, Gianna, Samareeah, Aaron, Chloe, Molly
4:30pm with Dave ( Drake )
Thu 2/11/2021 4:30pm with Ron Everyone in Poultry Tale
4:30pm with Dave ( Ugly )
5:00pm with Dave (Ducklings)
Mon 2/15/2021 4:30pm BLOCKING ( Ida & Maureen ) go over blocking and song ( Motherhood )
4:30pm MUSIC "Look At Him" and "Look at Him Reprise" INDIVIDUAL work on Groups 1 and 2 as follows: Molly, Sameerah, Megan, Harlynn, Tristen, Chloe
5:00pm MUSIC Molly, Sameerah, Henry, Insee, Gianna
5:00pm BLOCKING ( Ida ) Mother’s Tear & Different ( Pre Reprise )
5:30pm BLOCKING ( Ida & Ugly ) Hold Your Head Up High
5:30pm MUSIC Molly, Sameerah, Aaron, Alex , Elinor, Zak
6:00pm MUSIC Jadine, Aubree, Nathan, Teagan, Trystan, Xander
6:00pm BLOCKING ( Ugly & Cat ) Play with Your Food & Different
Tue 2/16/2021 4:30pm Look at Him-Everyone
Wed 2/17/2021 4:30pm MUSIC with Dave: Wild Goose Chase, Warts & All, and Warts & All Reprise-Everyone except Drake and Ida
Thu 2/18/2021 4:30pm with Ron blocking and staging: Wild Goose Chase
5:30pm with Ron blocking and staging: Warts and All
Mon 2/22/2021 4:30pm (Run blocking and song from page 1 -56) should be off book NO SCRIPT-Everyone
Tue 2/23/2021 4:30pm Run from page 56 - 90-Everyone
Wed 2/24/2021 4:30pm Run from page 90 - 137-Everyone
Thu 2/25/2021 4:30pm Clean up Day-Everyone
Mon 3/1/2021 4:30pm Poultry Tale
5:00pm Look at Him
5:30pm Wild Goose Chase
6:00pm w/Ron-Penny, Ugly, Mother & Father Swan
6:00pm w/Dave if you want to work with anyone
Tue 3/2/2021 4:30pm Drake, Ida, Maureen and ducklings
5:00pm Warts and All
5:30pm Ida and Ugly with Ron
5:30pm if Dave wants to work with anyone
Wed 3/3/2021 4:30pm Cat and Ugly
5:00pm Everyone to work on the last two numbers
Thu 3/4/2021 4:30pm Ida, Drake, Jaybird and Ducklings
5:30pm Blizzard, Transformation and scene. Thank you for Everyone's hard work and dedication. Ron