Rehearsal Schedule

Through Opening

Sun 1/12/2020 7:30pm All cast read through
Mon 1/13/2020 7:30pm MUSIC-"Simple Joys of Maidenhood", "Before I Gaze at You Again"-Guenevere
8:00pm MUSIC-"What do the Simple Folk Do"-Arthur, Guenevere
8:30pm MUSIC-"I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight", "Camelot", "How To Handle A Woman"
Tue 1/14/2020 7:30pm MUSIC-"The Lusty Month of May", "The Jousts'-Guenevere, Ensemble (Monica & Tomas are in both numbers)
Wed 1/15/2020 NO REHEARSAL
Thu 1/16/2020 7:30pm BLOCK-pp35-38-Guenevere, Pellinore
8:00pm BLOCK-pp38-42; Act 1 sc 6 pp45-52-Arthur, Pellinore, Lancelot, Guenevere
Sun 1/19/2020 7:00pm (7PM START TIME) CHOREOGRAPH-"The Lusty Month of May"-Ensemble
8:00pm Add Guenevere
Mon 1/20/2020 7:30pm MUSIC--"C'est Moi", "Madrigal", "If Ever I Would Leave You"-Lancelot
8:15pm MUSIC-"I Loved You Once In Silence"-Guenevere
8:30pm MUSIC-"Take Me To The Fair"-Dinadan, Sagramore, Lionel, Guenevere
9:15pm MUSIC-"Fie on Goodness"-Mordred, Men
Tue 1/21/2020 7:00pm MUSIC-"Follow Me"-Nimue, All Women
8:00pm MUSIC-“Joust”-Ensemble
Wed 1/22/2020 7:00pm BLOCK-"Where Are The Simple Joys of Maidenhood"-Guenevere
7:30pm BLOCK-Act 1 sc 1 pp7-14; Act 1 sc 3 pp18-24-Arthur, Guenevere
Thu 1/23/2020 7:30pm pp109-112-Arthur, Tom, Pellinore
7:50pm pp2-4-Arthur, Merlyn
8:10pm pp75-78-Mordred, Arthur, Pellinore; pp96-97-Mordred, Arthur; pp93-95-Arthur, Pellinore; Act 2 sc 7-pp103-106-Arthur, Mordred
Mon 1/27/2020 7:00pm MUSIC-"Seven Deadly Virtues"-Mordred
7:20pm MUSIC-"The Persuasion"-Mordred, Morgan Le Fey
7:40pm MUSIC-"The Lust Month of May", "The Jousts", "Guenevere"-Guenevere, Ensemble
9:30pm Finish "Fie On Goodness"
Tue 1/28/2020 7:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK-"Guenevere"-Everyone but Lancelot, Pellinore, Morgan Le Fey
9:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC--Guenevere's Welcome pp12-13
Wed 1/29/2020 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 2 pp83-87 including What Do The Simple Folk Do?"-Arthur, Guenevere
8:30pm "I Wonder What The King, Is Doing Tonight?" pp4-5; "How To Handle A Woman" pp52-54; End of Act 1 Monologue-Arthur
Thu 1/30/2020 7:00pm "Before i Gaze At You Again"-Guenevere
7:30pm BLOCK Act 1 sc 9-Pellinore, Arthur, Guenevere pp64-68
8:15pm BLOCK-Act 1 sc 7 pp55-56-Lancelot, Lionel, Sagramore, Dinadan
8:25pm BLOCK-The Joust-Everyone; Act 1 sc 8 pp57-63
Sun 2/2/2020 7:00pm REVIEW & FINISH CHOREOGRAPHY-"The Lusty Month of May"
8:15pm add Guenevere
Mon 2/3/2020 7:00pm MUSIC-"Follow Me"-Nimue, Ladies
7:20pm MUSIC-"Lusty Month of May"-Guenevere, Ensemble
7:45pm MUSIC-"The Jousts"
8:15pm MUSIC-"Guenevere"-Everyone but Lancelot, Pellinore, Morgan Le Fey
8:45pm MUSIC-"Finale"
9:15pm MUSIC-"Fie on Goodness"-Men
Tue 2/4/2020 7:00pm MUSIC/BLOCK Act 2 sc 1 pp72-74, including "Madrigal", "If Ever I Would Leave You", Act 2 sc 6 pp98-101-Lancelot, Guenevere including "I Loved You Once In Silence"
9:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"C'est Moi"-Lancelot
Wed 2/5/2020 7:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-“The Persuasion”-Morgan Le Fey, Mordred, all Women
Thu 2/6/2020 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-“Take Me To The Fair”-Guenevere, Lionel, Sagramore, Dinadan
8:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-“Fie On Goodness”-Mordred, all Men (except Arthur, Lancelot, Pellinore)
Sat 2/8/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
Sun 2/9/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
7:00pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 10 & 11-"Knights of the Court Parade", "Knighting Scene"-Everyone
9:30pm BLOCK-Act 1 sc 4 pp 25-31-Lancelot, Arthur, Dap
Mon 2/10/2020 7:00pm MUSIC/BLOCK-Act 2 sc 8-Lancelot, Arthur, Guenevere pp107-108
7:30pm pp109-112-Everyone including Tom
8:00pm Review-BLOCKING-"Guenevere"-Everyone
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 1-2-Merlyn, Ensemble; Act 1 sc2-CHOREOGRAPH/BLOCK/MUSIC-"Following ME" pp15-17-Nimue, Merlyn, Ensemble
Tue 2/11/2020 7:00pm WORK/MUSIC-pp4-13; Act 1 sc3 pp18-24;pp49-54-Arthur, Guenevere
Wed 2/12/2020 7:00pm REVIEW/MUSIC-"The Lusty Month of May", "The Jousts"-everyone
9:30pm REVIEW/MUSIC-"Fie on Goodness"-Mordred, Men
Thu 2/13/2020 NO REHEARSAL
Sat 2/15/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
Sun 2/16/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
7:00pm pp38-42-Arthur, Lancelot, Guenevere
7:30pm Act 1 sc 5 pp32-43-(Including "The Lusty Month of May")-Everyone
9:00pm REVIEW-"Take Me To The Fair"-Guenevere, Dinadan, Lionel, Sagramore
9:30pm Lusty Month reprise-Stacie, Dannette, Amy
Mon 2/17/2020 7:00pm Act 1 sc6 pp45-52; Act 1 sc 9 pp64-68; Act 2 sc 2 pp80-83-Arthur, Lancelot, Guenevere, Pellinore
8:30pm Act 1 sc 1 pp2-4-Arthur, Merlyn
8:45pm "I Wonder What The King, Is Doing Tonight", "How To handle A Woman", "End of Act 1 Monologue"-Arthur
Tue 2/18/2020 7:00pm Act 2 sc 1 pp72-74 including "If Ever I Would Leave You"; Act 2 sc 6 including "I Loved You Once In Silence" pp98-101-Guenevere, Lancelot
8:30pm add Mordred, Men's Ensemble-pp101-102
9:00pm "The Seven Deadly Virtues"-Mordred
Wed 2/19/2020 7:00pm Finish & Review-"The Persuasion", "The Invisible Wall"-Mordred, Morgan Le Fey, Women's Ensemble, Arthur, Pellinore
9:00pm Act 2 pp75-77-Arthur, Mordred, Pellinore
Thu 2/20/2020 7:00pm REVIEW-Joust, Parade of Knights, Finale Act I, "Guenevere." “Follow Me”-Everyone
Sat 2/22/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
10:00am Orchestra Rehearsal (when you come to set building, you can listen to our fabulous orchestra rehearse!)
Sun 2/23/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone
7:00pm Run All Musical numbers in order-Everyone
Mon 2/24/2020 7:00pm Run Act 1-Everyone (but Matthew Vallero)
Tue 2/25/2020 7:00pm Run Act 2-Everyone
Wed 2/26/2020 7:00pm Run Show-Everyone
Thu 2/27/2020 7:00pm Run show-Everyone
Sat 2/29/2020 10:00am Until 4pm-Set construction and painting-Everyone (we should be finished after this date)
Sun 3/1/2020 2:00pm Cue-to-Cue-Eveyone
5:00pm Dinner Break
7:00pm Run Show With Orchestra
Mon 3/2/2020 6:30pm Call-Run Show with Mics, Costumes and Orchestra
Tue 3/3/2020 6:30pm Call-Run Show with Mics, Costumes and Orchestra
Wed 3/4/2020 6:30pm Call-Run Show with Mics, Costumes, Orchestra, make-up and hair
Thu 3/5/2020 6:30pm Call-Final Dress (production photos will be taken during this final dress)
Fri 3/6/2020 6:30pm Call time-Opening Knight