Junie B. Jones, the musical
Rehearsal Schedule

Through Opening

Mon 1/20/2020 4:30pm All cast read through (Parent Meeting at 5:30pm)
Tue 1/21/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-"Top Secret Personal Beeswax", "Lucille, Camille, Chenille"-Everyone
Wed 1/22/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-"You Can Be My Friend"-Junie B, Herb
5:00pm MUSIC-"You Can Be My Friend", "You Need Glasses", "Lunch Box", "Gladys Gutzman"-Everyone
Thu 1/23/2020 4:30pm BLOCK-pp13-15; pp30-31; pp39-41; pp44-45; p47; pp49-50; pp51-52; pp56-57-Junie B, Lucille, Camille, Chanille, Grace, Herb, Sheldon, Shirley, Daddy, Mother, Lennie, May, Mrs. Scary, Mrs. Woo, Jose, Bobbi Jean, Lunch Student 1, Student 2
Wed 1/29/2020 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Top Secret Personal Beeswax"-Everyone but Mrs. Scary
Thu 1/30/2020 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Lucille, Camille, Chanille" Everyone but Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary; also Junie B, Lucille pp13-14
Mon 2/3/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-"Post Lucille Shoobee Doo Bop", "You Can be My Friend"Everyone buy Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary
5:00pm BLOCK Act 1 sc 3 pp30-39-Everyone buy Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary; including "You Can be My Friend"
Tue 2/4/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-"Time to Make A Drawing", "You Need Glasses", "Show and Tell", "Post Show and Tell Shoobee Doo Bop"-Everyone buy Mother, Daddy
5:15pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Scene 4 & Scene 6 including the above songs pp31-51-Everyone buy Mother, Daddy
Wed 2/5/2020 4:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Scene 8-"Lunch Box"-Everyone but Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary; pp52-57
Thu 2/6/2020 4:30pm REVIEW MUSIC-"Mrs. Gutzman"
5:20pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-pp58-66-Everyone but Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary; including CHOREOGRAPHING "Mrs. Gutzman"
5:45pm MUSIC-"Lunchbox Underscore", "Beeswax Cookie" pp66-70-Everyone but Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary
Mon 2/10/2020 NO REHEARSAL
Tue 2/11/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-"Kickball Tournament", "You Can't Fix It" "Sheldon's Playoff", "Kickball Tournament Reprise", "Superstar"-Everyone but Mother, Daddy (see below)
5:45pm add Mother and Daddy-"Writing Down The Story of My Life"-Everyone
Wed 2/12/2020 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Kickball Tournament"-Everyone but Mrs. Gutzman, Mother, Daddy, Mrs. Scary
Thu 2/13/2020 4:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-pp86-98 including "Kickball Tournament"; sc14 pp100-112 including "Writing Down The Story of My Life"-Everyone
Mon 2/17/2020 4:30pm MUSIC-'When Life gives You Lemons"-Mother, Daddy, Junie B only
4:45pm BLOCK/MUSIC p13, p47, pp51-52; pp73-74; pp80-85-including 'When Life gives You Lemons"-Mother, Daddy, Junie B only (THIS REHEARSAL END AT 6PM)
Tue 2/18/2020 4:30pm pp66-70 and an hour with Katherine only
5:30pm everyone but mom and dad
Wed 2/19/2020 4:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-pp75-80-Everyone (including "Sheldon Potts Halftime Show", "Sheldon Playoff")
5:30pm Review Choreography
Thu 2/20/2020 NO REHEARSAL
Mon 2/24/2020 4:30pm REVIEW/CHOREO “Gladys Gutzman”, “Kickball tournament”, “kickball tournament reprise” will end at 6pm, everyone but mom, dad, Mrs. Scary
Tue 2/25/2020 4:30pm Review Act 1-Everyone
Wed 2/26/2020 4:15pm Review Act 2-Everyone
Thu 2/27/2020 NO REHEARSAL
Mon 3/2/2020 4:30pm Run Act 1 twice-Everyone
Tue 3/3/2020 4:30pm Run Act 2 twice-Everyone
Wed 3/4/2020 4:30pm Run show-Everyone
Thu 3/5/2020 4:30pm Run show-Everyone
Mon 3/9/2020 4:00pm Run show with costumes and sets- Everyone
Tue 3/10/2020 4:00pm Run show with costumes and sets- Everyone
Wed 3/11/2020 4:00pm Run show with costumes, makeup, hair and sets- Everyone
Thu 3/12/2020 4:00pm Final dress-Everyone