Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Rehearsal Schedule

Through Opening

Mon 5/20/2019 4:30pm All cast read through (Parent Meeting at 5:30pm)
Tue 5/21/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"Any Dream Will Do", "Close Every Door"-Joseph only
5:00pm MUSIC-"Any Dream Will Do", "Close Every Door"-Everyone
6:00pm MUSIC-"Potiphar", "Prologue"-Narrator
Wed 5/22/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat"-Everyone but children's choir
5:30pm MUSIC-"Poor, Poor, Joseph"-Everyone but children's choir
6:00pm MUSIC-"One More Angel in Heaven-Brothers only
Thu 5/23/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"Pharaoh Story"-pp63-65-Narrator, all girls (including females who are brothers) except no children's choir
5:00pm MUSIC-"Poor, Poor, Pharaoh/Song of the King" pp67-72; "Pharaoh's Dreams Explained"-Everyone but children's choir
6:00pm MUSIC-"Stone the Crows"-Everyone but Brothers and no children’s ensemble
Mon 5/27/2019 NO REHEARSAL
Tue 5/28/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"The Brothers Come To Egypt/Grovel, Grovel"-pp96-105; "Who's The Thief"-pp106-111-Narrator, Joseph, Brothers, Ensemble-no children's choir
5:30pm MUSIC-"Joseph All the Time", "Jacob In Egypt", Review "Any Dream Will Do"-Everyone-including children's choir
Wed 5/29/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-Joseph Dreams-pp19-24-Only Brothers
4:50pm MUSIC-"Close Every Door", "Go, Go Go, Joseph", Review "Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat-Everyone-including children's choir
Thu 5/30/2019 4:30pm BLOCK-"Narrator. Joseph, Butler, Baker
5:00pm BLOCK-"Close Every Door"-Joseph only
Mon 6/3/2019 4:30pm BLOCK-"Joseph and Son's/Joseph's Coat"-Narrator, Joseph, Jacob, Brothers, Ensemble
5:30pm Add children's choir
Tue 6/4/2019 4:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK-"Poor, Poor Joseph pp25-30-Everyone but Children's Choir
5:15pm MUSIC/BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-Pharaoh's Dreams Explained pp77-81-Everyone but Children's Choir
6:00pm MUSIC/BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-"Stone The Crows-Narrator, Pharaoh, Woman's Ensemble, Danny, No Children's Choir
Wed 6/5/2019 4:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-"Pharaoh Story"-pp63-66-Narrator, All Women Except Chloe Aldrete, Chloe Groveman, No Children's Choir
5:15pm MUSIC/BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-Poor, Poor Joseph/Song of the King-pp67-76-Everyone but Children's Choir
Thu 6/6/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"Those Canaan Days"-Jackson
4:50pm add rest of the Brothers-Those Canaan Days & Benjamin Calypso
5:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Those Canaan Days"
Mon 6/10/2019 4:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Joseph All The Time", "Jacob In Egypt", "Any Dream Will Do"-Everyone including Children's Choir
Tue 6/11/2019 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-"Go, Go, Go Joseph"-pp55-62 Everyone (Children's Choir will arrive at 5:45PM)
5:45pm add Children's Choir
Wed 6/12/2019 4:30pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"One More Angel In Heaven"-All Brothers, Narrator, Jacob, Jacob's Mother (no Children's Choir)
5:15pm add Women's Ensemble (NO Chloe Aldrete or Chloe Groveman, No Children's Choir)
Thu 6/13/2019 4:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-"Joseph's Dreams"-Brother's only (This rehearsal ends at 6pm)
Mon 6/17/2019 4:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH-"Potiphar"-Narrator, Joseph, Potiphar, Mrs. Potiphar
5:30pm The Brother's Come To Egypt/Grovel Grovel, Who's the Thief pp96-111-Everyone but Children's choir
Tue 6/18/2019 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH-"Benjamin Calypso"-Everyone but Chloe Aldrete, Chloe Groveman, Children's Choir
Wed 6/19/2019 4:30pm BLOCKING/MUSIC-"Prologue"-Narrator, Joseph, Children's Choir
5:00pm BLOCK-"Close Every Door"-Everyone including Children's Choir
5:30pm Review Pharaoh's Dreams Explained-Everyone but Children's Choir
6:00pm BLOCK "Stone the Crows-Pharaoh, Women's Ensemble, Danny (No Brothers or Children's Ensemble)
Thu 6/20/2019 4:30pm BLOCK-"Poor, Poor, Pharaoh-All women except Chloe Aldrete, Chloe Groveman, Children's Choir
5:15pm Review "Song of the King"-Everyone but Children's Choir
Mon 6/24/2019 4:30pm Review-"Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat"-Everyone
5:45pm Review-'Poor, Poor, Joseph"-Everyone (no children's choir, they may leave at 5:45pm)
Tue 6/25/2019 4:30pm MUSIC-"MegaMix"-Everyone
5:30pm Review-"Joseph All The Time", "Jacob in Egypt", "Any Dream Will Do"-Everyone
Wed 6/26/2019 4:30pm Review-"One More Angel in Heaven"-Everyone except: Chloe Aldrete, Chloe Groveman, Children's Choir
5:45pm Review-"Joseph's Dreams"-Only Brothers
Thu 6/27/2019 4:30pm Review-"Benjamin Calypso"-Everyone except: Chloe Aldrete, Chloe Groveman, Children's Choir
5:30pm Review-"The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel", "Who's The Thief"-Everyone: no children's Choir
Mon 7/1/2019 4:30pm Review “Potiphar”-Potiphar, Mrs. Potiphar, Joseph, Narrator
5:00pm Review-“Go, Go, Go Joseph”-Everyone, (childrens choir arrive at 5:45pm)
5:45pm Review-“Close Every Door”, “Go, Go, Go Joseph”-Everyone
Tue 7/2/2019 4:30pm Review-“A Pharaohs Story”, “Poor, Poor Pharaoh”, “Song of the King”-Everyone but Children’s Choir-this rehearsal will end at 6
Wed 7/3/2019 NO REHEARSAL
Thu 7/4/2019 NO REHEARSAL
Mon 7/8/2019 4:30pm CHOREOGRAPH-Megamix-Everyone
Tue 7/9/2019 4:30pm Starting from top of show, run show,stop and go and fixing-Everyone
Wed 7/10/2019 4:30pm Starting from top of show, run show,stop and go and fixing-Everyone
Thu 7/11/2019 4:30pm Starting from top of show, run show,stop and go and fixing-Everyone
Sat 7/13/2019 11:00am Set Construction
Sun 7/14/2019 11:00am Set Construction
Mon 7/15/2019 4:30pm Run Act 1 twice
Tue 7/16/2019 4:30pm Run Act 2 twice
Wed 7/17/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Thu 7/18/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Sat 7/20/2019 11:00am Set Construction
Sun 7/21/2019 11:00am Set Construction
Mon 7/22/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Tue 7/23/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Wed 7/24/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Thu 7/25/2019 4:30pm Run Whole Show
Fri 7/26/2019 7:00pm Opening Night!!!