Rehearsal Schedule

Through 1/30/2019

Sun 1/13/2019 7:30pm All cast read through
Mon 1/14/2019 7:30pm MUSIC-"Who Will Buy?"-Oliver, Sellers
8:15pm MUSIC-"Who Will buy?"-Oliver, Sellers, Everyone (but Nancy, Bill Sykes, Fagin, Dodger, Bumble, Widow Corney)
9:15pm MUSIC-"Oom-Pah-Pah", “It’s a Fine Life”-Nancy, Bet, Adult Ensemble
9:45pm MUSIC-""As Long As He Needs Me" (plus reprise)-Nancy
Tue 1/15/2019 7:30pm MUSIC-"Food, Glorious Food"-Workhouse Boys & Girls
8:00pm MUSIC-"Pick a Pocket", "Be Back Soon"-Fagin, Fagin's Boys, Oliver, Dodger
8:45pm MUSIC-"Pick a Pocket reprise", "Reviewing the Situation"-Fagin
Thu 1/17/2019 7:30pm MUSIC-"Consider Yourself"-Dodger, Oliver
7:50pm MUSIC-"Consider Yourself"-Everyone (but Nancy, Bill Sykes, Bumble, Widow Corney, Fagin)
9:00pm Music-"That's Your Funeral"-Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry
Sun 1/20/2019 7:00pm (Note start time) MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"Food Glorious, Food"-Workhouse Boys & Girls
7:30pm Rich & Jenny (Workhouse Assistants)
8:00pm MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"Oliver"-Bumble, Corney, Workhouse Assistants, Workhouse Boys & Girls
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 2 pp14-17-Bumble, Corney including "I Shall Scream"
Mon 1/21/2019 7:30pm BLOCK/CHOREOGRAPH/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 6 pp39-45; pp45-47-Fagin, Fagin's Boys including "Pick-a-Pocket"
8:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"Oom Pah Pah"-Nancy, Bet, Adult Ensemble (will put Fagin, Bil & Oliver when we work the number later in the schedule)
Tue 1/22/2019 7:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK-"One Boy"-Bumble, Oliver
8:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 3 pp19-24 including "That's Your Funeral"-Bumble, Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry, Oliver
8:45pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 1 sc 4 pp26-32-Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry, Bumble, Noah, Charlotte, Oliver
9:30pm MUSIC-"My Name"-Bill Sykes
Wed 1/23/2019 7:30pm MUSIC/BLOCK-"As Long as He Needs Me"-Nancy
8:00pm BLOCK-pp61-65-Nancy, Fagin, Dodger, Bill Sykes
8:30pm BLOCK-Act 2 sc 3 pp74-79-Nancy, Fagin, Dodger, Bill Sykes, Oliver
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC-"Reviewing the Situation"-Fagin
Thu 1/24/2019 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-Act1 sc 5 pp33-35-Oliver, Dodger, plus choreograph their section of "consider Yourself"
8:15pm add EVERYONE (except, Bill Sykes, Fagin, Nancy, Bumble, Corney)
Mon 1/28/2019 7:30pm block/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"It's A Fine Life"-Nancy, Bet, Adult Ensemble
8:45pm add Bill Sykes into the scene
9:00pm BLOCK/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-"My Name"-Bill Skyes, Nancy, Bet, Adult Ensemble (No Mr. Brownlow)
Tue 1/29/2019 7:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPH-Act 2 sc 2-"Who Will Buy?"-Oliver Sellers
8:00pm Start Choreographing-"Who Will buy?-Everyone but Bill Sykes, Nancy, Bet, Dodger
Wed 1/30/2019 7:30pm BLOCK-Act 2 sc 2 pp68-71-Brownlow, Oliver, Mrs. Bedwin, Doctor
8:00pm Act 2 sc 5 pp85-88-Bumble, Nancy, Brownlow, Bedwin
8:30pm BLOCK/MUSIC-Act 2 sc 4 pp81-84-Corney, Bumble. Old Sally, Old Lady including "Oliver reprise"